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Elf Facts

Hello, hello!

My name is Eggnog and I am the wisest of all the elves in the north pole! I love reading, writing and sharing facts about elf culture! I share facts frequently so check back often for new facts.

Happy Festival of the Elves!



How did Holly and Noel pick the Puddington’s house to leave the first notes?

It was partly luck, because that’s where they landed in the snow. But also the Puddington’s house looked so warm, cosy and inviting in the snow!


Why does Grandpa Figgyworth have two peaks on his hat?

Grandpa Figgyworth likes one peak for warming his head and the other for storage--either candy or notes for his neighbors.


Why does Grandpa Figgyworth have so many mirrors in his house?

Well, old Figgy will tell you it’s because he likes the way the light catches those mirrors, brightening up his house. But some elves will tell you they have often caught Figgy admiring his colorful suits and curly moustache!


Do elves live in tiny houses?

Elf houses are smaller than human houses, with furniture that’s just right for their size. Elf closets are bigger than you might expect, as elves like lots of clothes.


Do elves go on the sleigh with Santa?

No they usually stay behind when Santa is out delivering presents, but a few times a year he takes out a few elves for a ride, just for fun!


How often do elves see Santa?

Santa usually walks though his workshop once a day just to check everything is running smoothly and all the children will get their toys for Christmas.


Are there any elves who aren’t good at making toys?

Yes, some elves aren’t so good at making toys, but every elf is good at something so everyone has an important part to play. As well as making toys, elves make clothes and hats and bake bread and cakes. Some are wonderful at working with reindeer and provide rides to other elves so they can get around.


Can elves make toys really fast?

Yes, elves can make lots of toys every day in the approach to Christmas. They can work quickly because of their training at the Elf Academy and because of their nimble little fingers.


What do elves do for fun?

Well living and working at the North Pole is fun most of the time, but in their spare time elves like to sing and dance. Some like to dance the cha-cha, just like Norris Figgyworth.


What do elves do for the rest of the year?

First of all, when Christmas is over most elves take a long nap--it can last as long as a few weeks! They spend the rest of the year having fun and planning for next year.


Do all elves go to work in Santa’s Workshop?

No, just like other villages and towns we have bakers, hat makers, dress makers, bookstores, sweet shops as well as all the jobs at Santa’s Workshop.


Do elves get married?

Yes, and they love big weddings with lots of singing and dancing. When Percival Periwinkle married Daisy Dimpleton they had 1,000 guests!


How long do elves live?

Elves frequently live as long as 750 years. The oldest elf alive is Mavis Muckleberry, who is 811. You will see Mavis most days feeding the penguins down at Chuckle Cove.


Why do elves wear pointy boots?

Pointed boots are great for cutting through the snow when walking at the North Pole. Elves also think they also look very stylish and sometimes compete to have the longest points.


Do elves only eat candy?

No, although they do have a sweet tooth. What most people don’t know is that elves are attracted to the color red in food, so as well as candy canes, they are drawn to tomatoes, raspberries and red peppers.


Do elves wear green all the time?

No, only for their official uniforms in December. The rest of the year they wear clothes of varied colors. Elves do favor bright colors and patterns and are generally keen to look fashionable.


Is it true elves like the Cha Cha Cha?

Yes! It is one of our favorite dances. In February we have a Cha, Cha Cha Ball.


What is the Elder Elf Council?

The Council helps organize the elves at the North Pole. If an elf has a big idea, they go to the wise elves on the Council and see if they can get their support. Those wise elves ask good questions and usually make the idea much better.


Why do elves wear red-and-white striped tights?

Well there are three reasons--they’re warm, they make elves easy to see in the snow, and they remind elves of candy canes, which they love.


Do elves like to cook?

Many elves love to cook and some of their favorite recipes are shared here on the website. They include aurora borealis trifle and magical meatballs.


Do elves go all around the world?

Yes, every place on earth is visited by elves now that Festival of the Elves is so popular. Also, elves are assigned to a particular country and learn its language. That way, they can read the signs when they visit and don’t get lost.


Do elves get angry?

Elves are mostly jolly and happy. When they start to lose their temper they say “Now, tiskiboo, this won’t do,” and they feel much better.


Can elves fly?

Yes, but elves need magic and special boots to do it. That’s why some of them carry magic meters--so they can see how much magic is available for flying.


Where does tiny dust come from?

The precise origins of tiny and giant dust are a closely guarded elf secret but I can tell you it’s a magical mineral found somewhere in the Pinecone Peaks.


How tall are elves?

Well it depends. Our average height is 4 feet. However we can be as tall as six feet with gianto dust or as small as a few inches with tiny dust. We use dust to visit the human world.


When does Festival of the Elves start?

It begins on December 1st and runs until the 24th. On all those days, elves leave each other notes and sometimes trinkets, and now they have started doing the same for some lucky children in the human world.

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